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Assisted Collection Terms and Conditions

An assisted collection service to residents who are unable to move their containers to the kerbside or their collection point, and who do not have an able-bodied person over 16 years old living in the same household to help them do this.

Containers will be collected from a mutually-agreed location, emptied and then returned to the same location.

We will collect from the front of your house if possible, but may be able to collect from another location if it is mutually convenient.

You can apply on behalf of someone else, such as a friend, relative or client, but we will need to take your details as a point of contact.

At flats we will only provide an assisted collection for properties on the ground floor.

If you have steps, gravel or your property is accessed over unadopted land or a private drive we may need to change how we collect your rubbish, and may not offer the recycling, food waste or garden waste services.