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Covid-19 (‘Coronavirus’) and changes to your garden waste collections

We are doing all we can to maintain operations across all of our collection services and our staff, identified as key workers as waste collection is vital public health, are doing the best they can under extreme circumstances.

The local impact is a reduction in staffing numbers, due to the impact of Coronavirus locally and the need for some staff to self-isolate, means that services will be affected.

From next Monday, 30 March, and until further notice your garden waste bin(s) will no longer be collected on the opposite week to your household rubbish bin. 

As a temporary measure we will collect both your garden waste and household waste bins on the day that you usually put out your household rubbish bin. We will aim to send a different vehicle to empty each bin, but they will not both be emptied at the same time. 

This change will enable the Council to collect your garden waste for composting for as long as possible.  The unprecedented situation may mean that at some point we may only be able to empty your garden waste bin by taking your garden waste to the waste-to-energy plant to generate electricity, rather than compost it. 

By asking you to put both bin types out on the same day, we will be able to continue composting your garden waste for as long as possible, without you needing to do anything different if the situation worsens.

Also from Monday 30 March, and until further notice we will need to make two significant changes to our recycling service, in order to maintain collections. 

Firstly, we will no longer be able to accept textiles/clothing or small electrical items.  These should be put into your household waste bin, unless you are able to store them until the resumption of normal services.  We will collect all the other recyclable items together and send them for sorting elsewhere, rather than have crews sort them at the kerbside.  

Secondly, we will no longer be able to empty the green food waste caddies.  Until further notice you will need to put all your food waste, bagged, into your household rubbish bin.

We apologise for the disruption to our normal services which will, of course, be resumed as soon as possible.

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Please note: reduced staffing levels across the Council at this time mean we may not be able to respond as quickly as normal.